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Brisk Racing

Brisk Premium Multi-Spark Racing GR12ZC Spark Plug

Brisk Premium Multi-Spark Racing GR12ZC Spark Plug

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***Price is Per Spark Plug***


  • Thread Diameter 14mm

  • Thread Reach 18mm-.706"

  • Hexagon 16mm-5/8"

  • Seat Type Tapered

  • Design Multi-Spark

  • Resistor Yes

  • Projected Yes

  • Heat Range   12

Brisk premium racing spark plugs are a multi spark exposed center core and 360 degree earth electrode design. Made out of silver the center core is isolated by a laser deposited ceramic insulator. This manufacturing system gives far superior utilization of fuel energy and reduction in fuel consumption of new and older engines.

Brisk ZS ZC racing spark plugs are the very latest in ignition technology pushing the boundaries of spark plug design to the limit.

The 360 degree arc design can occur on a minimum of 3 points at once, even very rich mixture found in race engine under heavy load. The ignition arc gives off a sparkle like effect all around the center core and laser deposited rings on circumference of ceramic insulator.


  • Continuous spark gap over entire circumference 360°.

  • Extremely long flash over.

  • Laser deposited electrodes.

  • Lower voltage consumption

  • No gaping necessary

  • Minimum 3 point arc design


  • Cars with unleaded, race or Nitrous fuel.

  • Race high revving engines

  • Lower boost Turbocharged or Supercharged engines

  • Modern design vehicles

Type of use

  • Race trials

  • City and highway traffic

Service life

  • Up to 20 000 km or 12 000 miles

  • Up to 25 racing hours

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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